Industry Leading In Many Areas

Here are just a couple of things we specialize in

Exterior Surface’s

We always power wash the exterior surfaces and make sure we do everything by the book!


Whether it be wall paper, paint, or anything else we will remove it for you!

Color Swatches

We always allow the client to choose the colors they want in their home or business. We make sure we allow you to design it with help from us. Not the other way around.

Clean Up

Clean work area after completion of services.

Our Promise

We provide plenty of services and one promise. You will be satisfied!

Andy’s Painting offers expert residential,commercial, and industrial painting services to clients throughout Nevada, including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Our painting services range from exterior to interior painting, repaints, tenant improvements, and many others, and we have extensive experience working with all types of paints, wall coverings, fabrics, water repellants, special coatings, and more.

At Andy’s Painting, we understand that our clients require the highest levels of commitment and attention to detail with all of our projects. Our expert team stands out for their unmatched focus on craftsmanship, precision, and customer service. We have a lot of experience working with some of the most demanding residential, commercial, and industrial painting jobs, so we know what it takes to satisfy even the toughest of critics. Choose Andy’s Painting and discover our superior residential, commercial, and industrial painting services.